Secret Identities: An Erotic Superhero Anthology

December 16, 2008

Once the superhero was a larger than life character. Iconic, fearless and perfect. The Golden Age superhero was strong, brave, patriotic, unflappable, not to mention white and straight. As time went by, reality crept in making the superhero a more and more multidimensional character in literature. They were given flaws, shady pasts, loose morals, bad decisions. Likewise the genders and racial makeup of characters started reflecting society more and more. Black superheroes, the occasional gay superhero, perhaps token, but still a positive step forward.

We now see the most realistic of superhero stories, where in there are no real heroes or villains, but simply complex people who happen to have powers.

This anthology wants to capture all kinds of superhero, super villain and general superpower stories… with a distinctly erotic twist.

Geeks around the world have wondered what the effect of super strength and super speed might have on the sex lives of heroes. What would sex be like with someone who could read your thoughts? What would someone do if they could control anyone’s mind? What amazing things could you add to your sexual repertoire if you had the power of telekinesis, flight or invisibility? Imagine the sexual things a shape shifter who could look like anyone could do! Let’s not forget the much coveted “stretching powers.”

This anthology is looking for erotica that involves original superheroes, super villains and other characters with superhuman abilities, powers or skills. From full on four color Golden Age heroes and heroines, to gritty 90’s dark anti-heros, to modern realistic everyday people who are dealing with amazing abilities.

We are just starting up this anthology, so stay tuned for more information.